18-day luxury tour for 12 guests through Kenya and Tanzania, with a break in Zanzibar
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Explore Africa on Safari

Experience the best of Kenya and Tanzania on our bespoke luxury private Safari, with a break between in a luxury resort on the gorgeous island of Zanzibar.

The tour includes expert local guides plus our dedicated GVH tour managers and only the best quality accommodation.

18th Sept to 5th Oct 2017

2 very individual safari adventures plus a refeshing luxury resort stopover in one package

Kenya itinerary

First it's Kenya on safari following the Big Five.
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Next it's Zanzibar, for a 3-day break to relax and refresh.
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Tanzania itinerary

Then it's Tanzania to witness the Migration - the endless quest.
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How we planned and prepared this tour just for you.

For several months we have been researching Africa. Its best parks, accommodation and safaris, its best sights, and the best, safest and most comfortable way to travel and see that wildlife, plus the most vibrant time to be there and share together one of life's greatest adventures.

Working with many of Africa's most experienced guides, together with the most travel-awarded boutique tour company in Kenya and Tanzania, we have crafted a safari that will have you wanting to return to one of our planet's most spectacular wildlife areas, time and time again. This bespoke safari is designed to give you the opportunity to share together with just a small group, in one of life's most spectacular adventures.

This is a one off, exceptional experience that we are sure you will always remember.


What makes this tour even more special?

Comfort, security and authenticity have always been the cornerstones of GVH tours. With Majestic Africa we have stayed true to this ethic. We have made it a holiday to savour and enjoy with a serene, untrammelled spirit.

The safaris chosen offer the best of creature comforts, even in the middle of the wildest wilderness. Excellent catering, immaculate service, fine wines, and of course very comfortable accommodation.

Majestic Africa is also a culturally and environmentally responsible tour. We only safari on conservancy land. This is land owned by the local tribes. They directly benefit from these tours through rent and employment. In fact most of our guides and staff are local tribesmen. This allows the tribespeople to stay connected to their land and to conserve it in its natural state. It also makes for a much more authentic experience.

Who better to guide, entertain and protect you than the people who live there.

And we leave no footprints. Even though we may overnight in the wild, miles from anywhere, everything is brought in with us and everything leaves with us. There is no trace of our presence once we are gone.

These things are important. They are worth paying to protect.


What you can expect to see and do.
And where you will be sleeping.

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This is really 3 tours in one.

Two Safaries and a luxury stopover break.

A small exclusive tour group, the best luxury travel and accommodation, personalised attention all the way, the best guides, the most authentic "off the beaten track" experiences.

This tour is fullyinclusive of all meals and refreshments throughout the length of the whole tour.

For just $22,690 per person, share twin.


"This is a unique and exclusive tour we have designed especially for just 12 discerning international travellers."

As with all Great Village Holiday tours this will be an authentic, personalised, safe and very well catered adventure.

"Come and join us in savouring the full majesty that is Africa."

Ian & Alison Metcalfe

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