3 day break in the white sand, blue sea island paradise of Zanzibar

Even those who've only dreamed of visiting Zanzibar have usually heard its nickname 'The Spice Island'. Just the word conjures up heady, exotic aromas with rich, exciting flavours.

With its location in the Indian Ocean 'barrier reef', just a short flight from Nairobi, Zanzibar offers all of the attractions,with itís outstanding beaches†scuba diving, fresh seafood, history, villages and much more.†Planned as a break between your two Safaris, this is a place to totally relax, wander and enjoy all it has to offer.

As with the rest of the tour all meals and refreshments are included.

"This is a unique and exclusive tour we have designed especially for just 12 discerning international travellers."

As with all Great Village Holiday tours this will be an authentic, personalised, safe and very well catered adventure.

"Come and join us in savouring the full majesty that is Africa."

Ian & Alison Metcalfe

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